What will you learn?

With this photography course, you will learn the most basic ways to take a great photo, including:
Depth of the photo …

course content

  • Lesson 1: DSLR cameras – Creativity is not limited
  • Lesson 2: Basic exposure
  • Lesson 3: Advanced exposure
  • Lesson 4: Depth of field
  • Lesson 5: Shutter speed and movement
  • Lesson 6: Image layout
  • Lesson 7: White balance

Introduction to the course

Retaining beautiful images and moments is almost an indispensable thing in every one of our life today. Have you ever looked at the pictures on your computer, on television, on books … that it is beautiful and perfect, but when we take our own commemorative pictures, it is not as beautiful as we hope. wait?

So how can you capture the best and most pleasing images?
Just holding some basic experience about composition, color … you will easily capture the beautiful images you want. Everything is really simple, not difficult if you want beautiful and unique images.

The basic photography course of instructor Phan Quoc Huy will help you to do just that.

With courses photography, you will grasp the ways most basic to take a good photos, include:
Depth of photos …
Besides, you will be able to apply the know decide to take pictures of landscapes, portraits, family … and especially, you will be able to maximize your creative thinking to achieve the most beautiful and sophisticated photos.

Instruction in the course is well illustrated and easy to understand for beginners entering the field of photography. You can also enroll in basic photography lessons with the simple purpose of simply wanting to improve your photography so you can get the beautiful pictures you want.


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