What is Photo Editor?

Download Photo Editor 1.1: Functional photo editor


Photo Editor is a useful multi-function program that provides you with a wide range of image editing tools This photo editor comes with lots of features that can complement every skill and hobby of a digital camera owner. Each tool offers a professional approach combined with the ultimate convenience for viewing, editing, and optimizing photos.

While using this image editing tool, you can enhance colors, remove red-eye, add lighting effects, crop and create fun caricatures. There’s even a “Makeup” tool  , which allows you to enhance and retouch portraits.

Features of Photo Editor

Easy editing and optimization options!

Photo! Editor, formerly known as Photo Toolkit, is a simple yet useful free photo editing software. The best part is that the program integrates with the Windows photo viewer, making sure you don’t need to install any third-party utility tools.

After you launch the program, the screen immediately shows the photo wizard, allowing you to import images to begin performing color correction, sharpening, red-eye removal and more another case.

In addition to the photo wizard included in the program, you can also access the main interface, allowing you to perform editing tasks in real time. Photo! Editor is a good choice for those who need a basic image editing suite. It comes with a set of tools small enough to enhance images clicked from a digital camera.

Many effects and filters

As part of the database, Photo! Editor contains about 100 filters and effects applied to the image. While editing, you can use multiple filters / effects simultaneously on one image. There’s also a preview window, allowing you to check your edits before completing the process. Although Photo! The Editor supports a wide range of Photoshop-compatible filters, but it doesn’t work with multiple files at once. Each image needs to be individually edited.

Many editing tools

Like InPixio, Picasa and Photo Lab, this photo-editing app comes with plenty of editing tools. While using this program, you have access to several drawing tools, such as brush, eraser, and pencil. You can also choose from a variety of tools, including freeform, rectangle, and lasso. Overall, Photo tools and features! Editor enough for anyone who wants to edit images on desktop or laptop.

Manage and edit colors quickly

While most photo and video editors include effects, filters, and editing tools, Photo! Editor goes beyond the basics with automatic color correction. Also, a single click lets you swap out your foreground and background colors instantly. Furthermore, you can use gamma correction tool to fine-tune the image.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this photo editor allows you to perform many actions related to image modification. For example, with the tools in this program, you can rotate, resize, crop and do more with images of different formats and sizes.

In addition, you can use and import several plugins, use quick access undo function, export images as GIF animations , scan documents and save output files in BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG formats , PCX or TIFF.

While most image and video editing tools take up a large chunk of system resources, Photo! Editor is a lightweight program, does not consume a lot of resources on your laptop. Actually, the program comes with a comprehensive sidebar guide, including snapshots to easily understand all the features.

While using the program, you will not be troubled by frequent system crashes or lag. Because of the good response time, you can edit some images quickly, easily and conveniently. Having said that, interface is one aspect where Photo! The editor is a bit weak. Despite its clean and simple interface, it looks outdated compared to other popular Windows multimedia tools.

Light, easy to use and simple!

While the tools included in this photo editor are basic, they are useful for quick and easy image editing, enhancement and optimization. Photo! The editor works well for basic editing tasks, such as removing red-eye, optimizing colors, removing skin spots, removing wrinkles, and fixing minor blemishes.

In addition to editing tools, this program includes crop / resampling utility, lighting effects, multiple filters, and caricature tools. Overall, downloading this photo editor app is a great choice for anyone interested in quick and easy image editing.


  • Quickly fix defects
  • Includes lighting and transform effects
  • Helpful sidebar guides
  • Easy access to many tools


  • Outdated interface
  • Lacks advanced editing options


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