Lisa’s birthday. Today (March 27) is the 24th birthday of BLACKPINK’s youngest – Lisa. On this day, the rare birthday photo of the cult beauty next to the “super huge” cake was revealed by the cosmetic brand she is representing. Immediately, this photo caused fever on social networks, all because of Lisa’s beautiful and beautiful beauty.


Lisa’s birthday (BLACKPINK) caused social storm with only 1 photo


In this photo, Lisa shows off her beauty and beauty, but equally sweet. Looking back, the “international sister” has only now reached the peak of beauty. Also in this photo, the BLACKPINK rapper also shows off her femininity and tenderness with a pink “banh beo” dress, which is far from his usual personality. Most notably, instead of having thick bangs that have become a trademark, the BLACKPINK beauty has completely lifted her bangs, fully showing off her beautiful and sharp face as a “living doll”. People can’t help but enjoy and humorously joked that: “Is she paid 200 billion dong for her birthday, Lisa?”, “Lisa takes care of her hair these days!” That “…


At the age of 24, indeed, the beauty of the female idol from Thailand has become more and more distinct. Often known for her “cool” personality, Lisa can now “weigh” her feminine, gentle style. She is also more and more groomed to show off her bright face, harmonious five views, her peak beauty.

Interesting facts about Lisa (Blackpink) surprised the audience

Can speak 4 languages

In addition to her mother tongue is Thai, after a long time working in Korea, her Korean has also improved significantly when she can sing and communicate fluently. Besides, Lisa also learned English so she could talk to her Swedish adoptive father. Japanese is also the language Lisa must learn to speak to promote Blackpink’s songs in the land of cherry blossoms.

The 2nd Thai artist has a huge following on IG

Opening an IG account is not long, but the number of followers of Blackpink girls Instagram accounts has increased continuously and there is no sign of stopping. In which her @lalalalisa account “hybrid doll” is no exception when it receives more than 8.5 million followers after 3 months, this “huge” number is second only to the number of followers of the Thai supermodel – Aum Patcharapa.

Rename and succeed exactly as it means

Lisa was born on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. At first, Lisa was named Pranpriya Manoban, but after receiving the comment, she was renamed Lalisa Manoban by her parents to mean “someone who will receive praise and praise”. In addition, when she was a child, Lisa also had another pretty cute name, Pockpack

Natural beauty has never been “cutlery”

If someone doubts and asks if Lisa has ever touched the “cutlery” or not, the answer is definitely “No”. Because in her contract with YG in 2013, she accepted the condition of not having plastic surgery.

This means, Lisa’s face is naturally beautiful, though it has changed from past photos, but due to the Korean style of dress and makeup, which made her more beautiful and luxurious. but completely not by “cutlery”.

A pet cat

Many people joked that even though she was a female idol with tens of millions of fans, when she got home, Lisa was still just a devoted “lotus” like many people. Currently, Lisa is the member Blackpink owns the most pets with 4 adorable cats all with names beginning with the letter “L”: Leo, Luca, Lily and Louis.

Lisa said, when hugging her cats, the stress and stress disappeared, the mood improved a lot. Lisa thinks that when you feel sad, cats know and feel it.



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